Wilderness Week

Little time remains before our Wilderness Week trip to Mendocino! Many many preparations are under way. Please do your part by tending to the following business:

TURN IN YOUR PERMISSION SLIP and $130. to the office if you have not already done so. Extra permission slips are available in the office and it is not too late to get financial help or to make arrangements for payments, if you need to do so. Parents should call Marshall at school ASAP.

BRING YOUR STUFF ON FRIDAY. There are clothes and personal items that you cannot do without over the weekend, but please bring everything else e.g., sleeping bag, flashlight, towel, etc (see packing list) Your pack and/or duffel bag (plastic trash bag will do), labeled with your name by YOU, will be securely stashed on campus, possibly locked in a trailer like last year.

ALL BAGS AND PACKS MUST HAVE YOUR NAME securely fastened by tape or other label system. Duct tape written on with permanent marker works very well. Please do this labeling at home i.e., before you get to school.Faculty will be checking equipment on Friday.

Re: MEDICATION: If you need to take medication, you must submit to the office a medication form (available in the office) completed and signed by your M.D. ALL MEDICATIONS MUST BE IN THEIR ORIGINAL CONTAINER AND DEPOSITED WITH THE SCHOOL. All medications will be dispensed by a parent (RN) at the appropriate times. No medications are to be held by students. This applies to over-the-counter pain meds which must be dispensed by our parent RN AND must be accompanied by a permission slip from your parent/guardian.

If you wish to drink caffeinated coffee, you must have a signed permission slip, submitted to the office, from your parent/guardian. Even (and especially) if you “drink it all the time at home” you still need to follow this plan.

It goes without saying (but here it is anyway) that there is no alcohol, tobacco or other controlled substances or drug related paraphernalia allowed on Wilderness Week. (same as school) Students in violation will have parents immediately notified to drive the 5 hours to pick them up. Consequences at home will be according to school rules.

Personal music, played so that you, the individual, can hear it, IS allowed (in other words, headphones) This means to leave at home the following: boom boxes, TVs, movie devices, electronic games. YES to using CD players with HEADPHONES and YES to CELL PHONES.

ALL students are expected to arrive at school, READY TO DEPART, by 8 a.m. Mon. Sept 27th. All of the above details need to be taken care of BEFORE MONDAY MORNING. In other words, tell your parent to bring in meds, permission slips, M.D. notes, etc by this Friday. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL MONDAY MORNING TO TAKE CARE OF THIS BUSINESS.

Last year, we were held up for hours by students and parents who waited until Monday morning to tend to this business. We plan to arrive back to school between 4:30 and 5:30 on Friday Oct 1st.