Why Bitney?

Bitney … Inspiring students to be ready for life and relevant to the world.

We believe strongly that education in the 21st century should be designed around the new three R’s; Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships.

With collaborative, experiential, and traditional methods, Bitney imbues our students with profound curiosity, a love of learning, and a clear sense of self direction.

At Bitney, we aim high academically.  Teachers are expected to meet or exceed the California State Educational Standards for each discipline.  Teachers are encouraged to do so in interesting unique, collaborative, and diversified ways; and by as much as possible; rolling up their sleeves with the students and “doing.”

Students are Known …

Because enrollment is limited, classes are small. Teachers are able to closely monitor the needs, interests, and progress of each student, offering guidance and support along the way.

Students are Respected …

At BCP, the prevailing attitude is one of mutual respect.

We recognize the richness and diversity of ideas, attitudes, and backgrounds students bring to our school.

Students are challenged to respect themselves and others.

Students are Educated …

We seek to graduate students who are:

  • Well prepared for freshman-level post secondary education
  • Effective listeners, writers, and speakers
  • Creative in formulating new questions and questioning old formulas
  • Intrinsically motivated to continue learning
  • Authentic individuals who are confident and purposeful about their future
  • Confident, tolerant, and hold strong convictions with integrity
  • Responsible global citizens

Above all else, we strive to imbue our students with a love of learning, a profound curiosity, an uninhibited sense of questioning and examination, and a powerful sense of direction.