Period 7 – Room 4 (Lab)
Mondays & Wednesdays

Scott Young
Mr. Young


Welcome to the world of yearbook and online journalism!  As a Bitney Prep Publications staff member, you accept a weighty responsibility: to record the history of this year at BCPHS.  You will learn and apply the basic elements of news, feature, headline and caption writing; photojournalism; layout and design to create the school yearbook, an online news stream, and other possible projects.  By the end of the year, you will also be an open-source publishing software expert, creating dazzling, innovative spreads and web pages.  Be sure to list this skill on your résumé!

Classroom Responsibilities & Expected Behavior

The entire school depends on you and the rest of the Bitney Prep Publications staff.  While putting together the yearbook and reporting BCPHS news can be one of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences you may have in your high school career, it is also very demanding.  This is not an easy class.  Each person on the staff—whatever your role may be—will rely on you to meet the responsibilities to which you have committed.  Follow through.

Be on time—in your attendance, with your work, and with any appointments that you might make.  If dire circumstances arise, notify your editor and the adviser to make arrangements.
Be respectful—to your fellow staff members, your adviser, the faculty and student body, and the resources we use (classroom, computers, any equipment, etc.)
Be enthusiastic!  If you are excited about what you are doing, others will want to be involved and will be more likely to help you—whether you are requesting an interview or coordinating photos.

Expected Behavior

  • Act and treat all staff members as part of our TEAM; you are just as important as everyone else!
  • Use your time productively during class or your grade will be affected.  It’s that simple.
  • Respect your Bitney Prep Publications privileges.  Abuse of staff privileges may result in immediate dismissal from the staff.
  • BPP staffers ONLY in work room during production times.
  • Follow the teacher’s directions the first time they are given.
  • No eating or drinking by the computers EVER.
  • Be ladies and gentlemen: use soft voices; speak no profanity; keep your hands to yourself; and show respect to others (that includes their opinions, property, and feelings).


Each student is responsible for completing assigned tasks by their deadline.  Deadlines are announced when assignments are distributed, and they are fixed and firm.  Failure to complete and submit your work on time will negatively affect your grade.


Since our class doesn’t meet daily, your attendance is crucial.
Time-sensitive messages or breaking news should be sent through our Google Groups email.

Most assignments can be submitted online via our publishing software or Google Docs.  If absent on the day a hard-copy assignment is due, email me to notify me, then have a parent or friend drop it off for you.  Since deadlines are known so far in advance, there should be no reason why work is not finished and submitted on time.   Students with unexcused absences are not eligible to make up work.


Students who meet their responsibilities have the opportunity to earn:

  • Special name-stamped yearbook cover
  • Letter of congratulations to student and parents
  • Privileges
  • Staff celebrations
  • Recognition at the annual awards banquet


Failure to abide by the class rules will result in the following:

  1. Warning
  2. Student/Teacher conference: individual contract
  3. Detention & parent notification
  4. Administrative & parent notification
  5. Student/Teacher/Parent/Administrator conference


Grades will be issued based on participation and effort.  If you give 100%, try your best, and get involved in the class, you will do well.  Grades will be updated weekly every weekend.

If You Have Questions or Concerns

Ask someone!!!  Talk with your editor, another staff member, or come to me.  If you are unsure about an assignment or would like assistance, I am available during class, via email at, and by appointment.

Parents Can Help!

Please support the efforts your student is making in the classroom by
doing a few simple things:

  1. Encourage your student to challenge themselves.
  2. Check assignment completion.
  3. Check on attendance by calling 477-1235.
  4. Have consequences for inappropriate behavior.