Period 7 – Room 5
Tuesdays & Thursdays

Mr. Elkin

Mr. Elkin

Course Description

This class? Yea. It’s pretty much all about writing, reading, speaking, celebrating, thinking about, commenting on, luxuriating in, dancing to, singing along with, and immersing ourselves in POETRY.


Hence the name of this class.

Classroom Expectations

Atmosphere: Writing and sharing work of a personal nature is best done in a safe atmosphere built on trust and respect. This is especially true in an workshop environment where we are often raw and emotionally open in front of our peers. To this end, a culture of honor will suffuse this classroom. I will tolerate no disruptions of, or disrespect towards, this milieu.


Responsibility and Organization:

Organization is a major factor leading to success in a College Prep environment. At all times, students are expected to have direct access to the materials they need to succeed. Students are also expected to take responsibility for their successes and failures and are expected to problem solve before making excuses. This includes dealing with the ramifications of missed classes, lost materials, and personal issues.


Class meets twice a week. For each class, every student is expected to have some new piece of writing (either an original piece or a revision of a previous poem) to share with the class (enough copies of which are to be made for everyone). Students are expected to share constructive criticism about their fellow student’s work (this is a workshop environment, after all). As well, there will be the occasional other types of assignment related to what we are doing in class.


All assignments have a due date. Due dates are final except in extraordinary circumstances or when a prior arrangement has been made.  


Grading of creative work is a bit too esoteric for me. Therefore grades in this class are weighted in terms of commitment and participation. It’s done on a point system because that’s what I have to work with.


Assignment Categories Letter Grades
New work for the day (10 points/day)
A: 90% and above
B: 80% and above
C: 70% and above
D: 60% and above
F: below 60%
Active Workshop participation (10 points/day)
Other random assignments