List of Projects Needing "Adoption"

Be the boss of your own project! Pick a project
you think your family can do, plan it together, make your
own workday, and enjoy the results. You’ll be amazed
at how good you will feel, and how proud of your work. This
is a really great way to teach your kids about community service,
and how to get a job done successfully.

  • Grant Writing
  • Exterior paint of the Office Building.
  • Re-roof the shed extending from the side of the Science Room. Upon completion, paint the posts and beams of the same shed.
  • Complete wooden pickets to cover the chain-link fence between Bitney and the U-Haul yard.
  • Upgrade and re-do the staff pictures and bios in the office.
  • Build a fence and gate on the south side of the building, enclosing the green shed.