How to Support our School

Attendance and Participation

Your student’s attendance is vital to the school, both financially and educationally; classroom experience with faculty and other students cannot be replaced by simply reading the notes. Because each student is important to our school community, when even one person is absent, some part of the school’s spirit and team feeling is lost for that day.

See your student as a credit to him/herself, your family, and to the school.

You can set up your student for success at school in the following ways:

  • Let your student know that his/her success is important to you.
  • Provide a quiet spot to do homework – check that it gets done, and turned in.
  • Review homework and grades online frequently. If you do not have your login information and/or would like an email with instructions on the site, please call the school at (530) 477-1235.
  • Encourage hard work and good behavior in the classroom.
  • Lastly, but still very important – plenty of sleep, and nutritious food.

Tell your friends and neighbors about BCP

Enrollment is our main source of income; every year, we need to recruit new students.  You can support this effort by telling your friends and neighbors about the school.  We are currently developing a brochure which you will be able to download and print, or you may prefer to direct
your friends to our website,

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