The curriculum we have chosen to use for our math classes here at Bitney College Prep is called CPM, “college preparatory math.” It is a non-traditional method of learning math that utilizes group work and emphasizes communication and questioning. To put it simply, it is the scientific method applied to mathematics. Students who learn math using this method “own” their math in a way most students don’t get to experience until late in their study of mathematics in college. Unfortunately, few are curious enough to endure the drudgery of lots of practice without the understanding that comes from “doing” math. In our math classes, you will be doing math in a very real sense. You will not be mindlessly copying math from the whiteboard and practicing what you don’t understand until you can do it by rote!

We offer classes ranging from Algebra 1 through Calculus. Prospective 9th grade students must be ready to begin Algebra 1 (or higher math course with the successful completion of Algebra 1).

Standard Course Progression

Two Year Algebra 1 Program