Online Homework and Grades

via School Pathways SIS

Bitney Prep uses a web-accessible system for posting homework assignments and reporting interim grades called School Pathways SIS. The system is provided via the Nevada Joint Unified School District. It centralizes all information about a student’s schedule, homework and interim grades in a single location, making it simpler for you to access. However, you will need to be assigned a username and password before you can access the system – call the office at (530) 477-1235 if you don’t already have (or have forgotten) this information. Once you have your username and password in hand, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Click the following link (which you should probably bookmark in your browser):
    Pathways Home Access
  2. Enter your Username and Password into first two fields (and leave “bitneycollege” in the third one). Be careful about using the correct case for each letter (e.g., “bG87Et” and “BG87ET” are different passwords.)
  3. Click the “Log in” button, and then follow the instructions on the Pathways screens that follow.
  4. Once in the Student Portal, the most relevant section for parents and students is the Grades & Comments link on the left hand side. For each class there should be a letter grade and then a percentage. For even more valuable information, click View Assignments, which should display the individual assignment grades, broken down by month, within that class.

Probably the most helpful thing that you can do for your son/daughter, aside from simply demonstrating your interest in his/her education by regularly checking grades in Pathways, is to coach your student through improving those grades. As Dean Peterson has written, “I have found that pushing students to, say, ask Mrs. Simpton if they can turn in the last assignment late or make up an exam is far more helpful to kids than stating, ‘you need to do better in school.’ It is true that all high school students now need to take responsibility for homework at this point in their lives, but at the same time many are not yet there and need the smart, laser-focused prompting of a parent.”


Many parents complain that the grades posted online are “out of date”. For example, if a student turns in an assignment, they are surprised that the grade for this assignment does not typically appear in Pathways that evening. This is quite simply an unrealistic expectation. The assignment (and all other assignments turned in that day by all students in this class and all other classes taught by the same teacher) must be carefully reviewed and graded. Finally, the teacher must enter all of these grades into the Pathways system. This represents a significant portion of a teacher’s weekly responsibilities, and many of us wait to catch up on grading until the weekend.

This means that grades and assignments displayed online are very rarely completely up to date. Sadly, many parents and students dismiss the Pathways system for this reason. To do so is to miss the point of the system completely! The Bitney College Prep faculty have made a commitment to update their Pathways grades every two weeks. Thus, the interim grades reported by the system should in nearly all cases be within two weeks of being current. This is absolutely essential information if you wish to monitor progress and help students achieve academic success. Compare these online reports with semester grades (or even quarterly progress reports), which are always at least two weeks out of date and (more importantly) are typically reported long after any problems can be remediated.

Simply stated, the grades posted online via Pathways represent the most current, comprehensive, and accurate picture of student performance that exists in any form. In fact, if you ask a teacher for hard data on how a student is doing in a particular class, that teacher will typically turn to Pathways to provide this information!