Enrollment Process

Thank you for your interest in Bitney. The process of enrollment is easy, and it is personal. What we are attempting to do is make sure that Bitney is a good fit for your student. We do this by getting to know each other. You have the opportunity to know why Bitney is Bitney and if this school is right for you. We have the opportunity to get to know your student, since we pride ourselves on relationships between students, parents and school staff. Here is the process:

Application Form

You probably just filled out our simple online application form, so there’s no need to do that again.

Enrollment Packet

Complete the full enrollment packet, which includes a more detailed Student Enrollment Form, an Enrollment Essay (see below) and a records request from your student’s former school.

Enrollment Essay

We ask each student to complete an enrollment essay. This gives us the opportunity to know your student a bit as well as his/her writing ability and style. This essay is not graded, nor is it evaluated for grammar, etc. It is simply a reflection of your student as a person.

Enrollment Conference

We will contact you as a result of the information provided, or you may contact us at (530) 477-1235 or via email at Enrollment@BitneyPrep.net to set up this conference. At least one parent/guardian and the student meets with either Principal Ron Handel or Dean of Academic Affairs Dave Peterson. At this conference, you receive information about Bitney College Prep, tour the school, ask questions and share pertinent information. You should have a transcript from your current or former school in order for us to do a transcript review for course planning.

Shadowing is optional, but invaluable

There is nothing like the test-drive. Consider spending an hour, or even the whole day, shadowing one of our current students. Contact Dave Peterson, Dean of Academics, and he will help make this connection and set up a date and time. This step is not necessary for enrollment, but you will be glad if you experience Bitney first hand.