Student Empowerment

Period 7 – Room 7
Tuesdays & Thursdays

Russ Jones

Mr. Jones

What is it?

  • Like Student Council or Student Leadership but not really
  • “Empowerment” says it all
    • Students taking ownership of projects and initiatives to improve the culture, structure, organization, and community-building at BCP
    • Not “top-down” or “bottom–up” but a collaboration between students and adults to reach common goals or requirements.

How does it work?

  • We function as a team to identify and address school needs, issues, initiatives, community identity, etc.
  • We prioritize projects and build partnerships to work on them.
  • We all support the work on every project
    • Sharing skills
    • Developing abilities
  • We recruit others to help:
    • Students
    • Faculty and Staff
    • Parents
    • Community Members

Some projects to consider

  • Organizing Assemblies
    • Hosting “Town Meetings”
  • Facilitating Campus-wide communication
  • Connecting students with Community Service opportunities
  • Campus pride and “greening”
    • Recycling, Composting, Energy Conservation, Gardening
  • Community Outreach- Telling Bitney’s story
    • Produce a video
    • Publish a pamphlet
    • Set up a table at local events
  • Addressing our “drug school” reputation
  • Attendance incentives (Make our school a cool place to be)
  • Off-campus incentives (Shrink the Flunch List)
  • Others?

Grades and Credits

  • Taking Initiative
  • Participating
  • Completing what you start
  • Showing growth as an empowered student and impassioned advocate for the school.