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Caudia Aguirre
Aguirre, Claudia Administrative Assistant 477-1235
Mike Baer
Baer, Mike Community Club 477-1235
John Burnside
Burnside, John Bitney Bistro 477-1235
Dyann Castro-Wehr
Casro-Wehr, Dyann Speech & Hearing Specialist 477-1235
Paul DeSilva
DeSilva, Paul Psychologist 477-1235
Daniel Elkin
Elkin, Daniel English 9
English 11
English 12
Graphic Novel
12th Grade Advisor 477-1235
Grace Fae
Fae, Grace Drama 477-1235
Krisi Fenning
Fenning, Krisi Psychologist 477-1235
Jennifer Foote
Foote, Jennifer Yoga 477-1235
Beth Grebe
Grebe, Beth Geometry
Algebra 2
9th Grade Advisor 477-1235
Alison Harper
Harper, Alison Academic Support
Study Period 477-1235
Pamela Hodges
Hodges, Pamela Theater Production 477-1235
Russ Jones
Jones, Russ Director
Empowerment 477-1235
Rick Kirkpatrick
Kirkpatrick, Rick Music Performance 477-1235
Darci Mason
Mason, Darci Resource Specialist 477-1235
Danny McCammon
McCammon, Danny Comedy Improv 477-1235
Jay Morse
Morse, Jay Custodian 477-1235
John O'Neill
O’Neill, John Game Development 477-1235
Dave Peterson
Peterson, Dave Dean of Academic Affairs
Mountain Biking
9th Grade Advisor 477-1235
Laurel Phillips
Phillips, Laurel Spanish 1
Spanish 2
Spanish 3
Spanish 4
11th Grade Advisor 477-1235
Aubrey Puetz
Puetz, Aubrey Dance 477-1235
Amy Pugel
Pugel, Amy
Mrs. Pugel’s web site
Eco Challenge
10th Grade Advisor 477-1235
Misha Rauchwerger
Rauchwerger, Misha Career Pathways Coordinator
Greening Coordinator 477-1235
Paul Sabin
Sabin, Paul Qi Gong 477-1235
Chris Schneider
Schneider, Chris Physics
Computer Science
Modern Physics
Coed Ultimate Team 470-8468
Rexanne Simpton
Simpton, Rexanne Algebra 1
Algebra A/B
Algebra C/D
Freshman PE
Physical Education
Weight Training
12th Grade Advisor 477-1235
Francesca Spencer
Spencer, Francesca Web site development
Parent council bookkeeping 639-2319
Chad Wood
Wood, Chad World History
U.S. History
Art 1
Art 2
Documentary Film
10th Grade Advisor 477-1235
Rob Woodhall
Woodhall, Rob Fencing 477-1235
Angelina Young
Young, Angelina Administrative Support 477-1235
Scott Young
Young, Scott English 10
Senior Seminar
Short Story
20th Century Novel
Creative Writing
Landscaping & Gardening
11th Grade Advisor 477-1235