Bitney Intersession 2014

January 21-24, 2014

Bitney Prep introduced a new program in January 2013: Intersession. Many universities and college preparatory high schools across the nation offer some variation of an intersession. Our program aligns nicely with the burgeoning movement towards increased relevance and personalized learning in schools. The Intersession is also consistent with our strategic plan and WASC Action Plan.

Intersession 2014 will take place over four days in January, nestled between the first and second semesters. The program is designed to supplement the core academic program with an interesting array of mini-course offerings and hands-on workshops. Full participation will earn students a total of 2.5 elective credits. Our course catalog is currently being developed. Look for it here after Thanksgiving, but here’s the schedule from last year:

Intersession 2013 Schedule