Community Service

At Bitney, Community Service is a graduation requirement.  All students are expected to devote at least 150 hours of time to community support activities during their high school career.  Students who enter the school in their junior year must complete 100 hours before graduation; entering seniors must complete 50 hours.  Community service may be fulfilled in a variety of ways, either on-campus or off-campus. It may also be fulfilled during school hours. For example, student teaching assistants earn 60 hours of community service for each academic semester they help to support.

The community service requirement is completely separate from the senior project, and hours spent on one may not be applied toward the other.  In addition, while volunteering or completing an internship at a for profit business is an extremely valuable experience, such a commitment typically does not meet the “spirit” of service to others that we are seeking to imbue in our students.

While the school provides ample opportunity for students to fulfill their hours, we also strongly urge that students seek out and create their own “opportunities” in the greater community by volunteering at a church or non-profit group of their choice. We continue to nurture relationships with many area non-profits, schools, and businesses in order to create solid community partnerships, and a couple of times a year the entire school devotes a half day or an entire school day to community service projects in the greater community.

You will need 150 hours of Community Service just to graduate from Bitney College Prep, SO START NOW!

Here are some ideas of people and places to call this summer:

Animal Shelter 471-5041 Karen
Grass Valley Graveyard 273-1557 Richard Osborn
Hospitality House 271-7144 Cindy Maple
Highgate Senior Living (425) 649-1084 Marjorie Todd
Women of Worth 272-6851 Sarah
Sammie’s Friends 471-5041
Woolman Semester
(help with events)
At Bitney
June 18-22: paint floor
August 13-17: plants
477-1235 Bruce
Kiwanis Booth at the Fair
August 8: 7-11am
August 9-10: 3-6pm
272-4096 Michele Bowen
Friday Night Supper 274-1579 Geri
Clean a street

Our just completed WASC visitation found our emphasis on requiring all students to complete a community service component a significant “strength” of Bitney College Prep.