Community Club

Period 7 – Room 7
Mondays & Wednesdays

Mike Baer
Mr. Baer


My name is Mike Baer. I live with my wife of eleven years, and our two daughters, in a nice home near downtown Grass Valley. I have been working as a technician at Sierra Prosthetics-Orthotics for about nine years. I help to manufacture prosthetic limbs and braces. We start from the very beginning, from casting the patient, to the finished product. Everything in between I also fabricate, nothing is sent out to other companies. I also service and repair electric wheelchairs. When I was sixteen I left home and moved in with my grandparents because of physical and mental abuse that was directed to me and my younger brother from our step mother. I began to do better once out of the oppressive home environment, but I still had to complete three of the four years of high school at a continuation school due to my prior history of drugs, alcohol, gang activity, and a lot of fighting. I was able to graduate, however I think that if I had had a mentor or someone to talk to and relate to I would have been able to do much better and gone further with my education. Over the next seventeen years I was able to turn my life around. I enjoyed working, I began rock climbing, and I was able to work with kids at local schools and act as a camp counselor at science camps. I have also had to deal with the loss of a child. I feel that I have lived through a lot, and come out the better for it. I want to work at Bitney because I believe that I can share my experiences and relate to the students because of them. I think that they may be in need of help or advice, but may not feel they have someone who can fully relate to their problems. I hope that they will hear my stories and see that they are not alone. I want to help them to change the way they look at life, and help them to achieve their goals, even those they may not know they have yet.

This class could incorporate a wide range of activities such as creative writing, books, games and music; anything that the students can relate to, and use to express themselves in a variety of ways. There would be an open mind policy so that everyone felt comfortable and safe enough to try something new. Everything we do should help students understand themselves as learners and encourage them to develop skills that will enable them to reach their academic potential. The students will develop appropriate problem solving and decision making skills which will enable them to resolve conflicts and accept responsibility for their choices. This club would be an appropriate forum for discussing conflicts that have arisen either in the classroom or at home. The students could brainstorm solutions for the real world problems they are facing in a neutral environment. This will enable them to be prepared to handle social situations with maturity and grace. The class will be a place where the main rule is that everyone is appreciated, and that differences are accepted and embraced. We will provide students with the opportunity to assess personal interests and aptitudes and relate them to career interests.