Misha RauchwergerMisha Rauchwerger

Career Pathways Coach

The CPC will work in one-on-one or in small group settings to assist students in identifying and pursuing a community college, further vocational training and/or the workforce in one of five identified carreer pathways.  CPC will assist students in identifying and completing academic and vocational benchmarks required for college or career pathways success, and will work directly with students to develop individualized career paths within he identified emerging sectors.  The CPC will provide intensive and individualized training in the area of job readiness, such as but not limited to: job application and resumes, interview skills, appropriate dress and appropriate language.

Internship Program

Bitney College Prep is in the process of launching a new Internship Program. The CPC has the following additional responsibilities for developing this new program:

  • Define program objectives and parameters
  • Establish internship sites which both align with existing BCP curriculum and which extend learning opportunities into areas of students’ career interests
  • Develop and facilitate all documentation necessary to assure full accountability in all aspects of the program
  • Provide an orientation and training process for students prior to their placement in an internship location
  • Monitor, record and report on student attendance, their success in meeting the expectations of their sponsor, and any issues relating to the student’s performance at the host site
  • Develop and implement and evaluation process and documentation to record students’ on-site performance
  • Actively participate in advertising the program within the BCP community and in recruiting qualified students
  • Anticipate and problem solve issues such as providing transportation for students to and from school and their internship sites, communicating with sites in the event that students are absent from school on an internship day, and any such issues relating to the smooth operation of the program