Bitney College Prep Director

Russ Jones

Director Russ Jones


The Director is responsible for all day-to-day administrative, financial and disciplinary decisions as well as ensuring the school is adhering to all legal parameters.

The Director reports directly to the Charter Council (attending all monthly and special meetings), attends faculty meetings and is responsive to both the Parent Council and Student Council, and to individual parents and students.

In addition to those tasks noted above, the Director is responsible for overseeing and coordinating Student Success Teams and Special Education meetings, and works with the Dean of Academic Affairs to ensure that all students are making progress toward graduation.

The Director serves as the school’s designated representative at Collaborative Charter Council (CCC) meetings, CCC Steering Committee meetings, and NCSoS Board meetings as necessary.

The Director may organize and convene committees as necessary to support any and all school issues and functions.

Important School Documents

We also have a web page where you can download important student documents, such as the Community Handbook.