Academic Support

Period 7 – Room 3
Mondays & Wednesdays

Alison Harper
Ms. Harper


This course is designed to have a credentialed teacher provide assistance in a conducive setting (small teacher to student ratio) to offer academic assistance to students in need.  Students whose quarter GPA falls below 2.0 will be recommended for this twice weekly class.  Elective credit is earned based upon the students’ efforts to improve their GPA.

Class Structure

Students will work in subject-oriented groups.  A studious, library-like atmosphere is expected.  Academic Support grades are earned on a Pass/Fail basis.  Students must raise their GPA above a 2.0 in one or more classes.

Student Expectations

Students are expected to arrive on time, prepared with your academic work, and ready to work on focus areas as determined by your core instructor(s).  If you arrive without enough working material, quietly access the work area to gather what you need.

Tardy Policy

Lateness is unacceptable.  Thus, in addition to our school wide tardy policy, Academic Support students will receive a phone call home after three tardies.  Tardies also directly affect your Participation grade.

Entrance and Exit Policy


At each quarter, students below an overall 2.0 GPA, said student will enter Academic Support.  This does mean that you will forfeit at least one elective for the sake of your academic grade.


Return your GPA to a 2.0 or above in any class.  Exit available at each quarter.  (Of Course, you may not drop below a C in other classes in exchange for the effort.)